Cramer: Apple charts ripe for a juicy $146 price target

Cramer: Apple charts ripe for a juicy $146 price target

With Apple's product launch event just around the corner, many investors are wringing their hands worried about weaker demand for cellphones and the new iPhone 7. But Jim Cramer found bullish news buried in the charts for the stock.

"Not too long ago Apple's chart looked hideous, now it's got a lot going for it. This is why I'm always saying that you should never trade Apple, just own the darned thing," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer turned to the help of Carolyn Boroden to interpret the charts. Boroden is a technician who runs and is a colleague of Cramer's at

Boroden first noted the symmetry of Apple's charts. This refers to a chart pattern mimicking one of a prior date. She saw that going into the bottom of April 2013, Apple's shares moved $45.71 lower in value. Likewise, Apple's recent downswing in May stopped going lower after a $45.07 decline in the share price.

Boroden also used Fibonacci ratios. These are a series of ratios discovered by medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci that occur naturally around the world. They can pop up to determine the shape of flowers, shells and in stock charts, too. Boroden looks at the size and duration of past swings for a stock and then runs them through the prism of Fibonacci ratios to spot key prices and dates where they are likely to change trajectory.

Looking at the weekly chart for Apple, Boroden saw that if the larger bullish pattern in Apple repeats itself, then the stock could trade up to $146. She did this by taking the last big swing of the $45 decline in May and running it through the Fibonacci prism of 127.2 percent. That calculated an upside target of $146.

"Boroden believes that Apple has a good chance of working its way up to that level over the next couple of years, as long as the stock price continues to hold above its May low of $89," Cramer said.

However, if $89 is breached, Boroden said investors need to go back to the drawing board. Additionally, it must clear various ceilings of resistance. Apple's nearest resistance is from $110.70 to $112. If it can break above $112, the second hurdle comes at $116 to $121.

If Apple can ultimately clear both levels, Boroden thinks it could see smooth sailing from $121 to $146.

Apple's daily charts also had her drooling for a bite. Boroden noted that Apple made an intermediate low on Aug. 30, and she thinks it could bounce to $111 or $113 before it encounters real resistance. If the stock can clear $113, she sees it bouncing up to $118 based on the daily chart.

"Apple's chart, at least as interpreted by Carolyn Boroden, suggests the stock's recent rebound was no fluke, and it might have a lot more upside going forward," Cramer said.

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