Imagination releases Portuguese translation of popular CPU architecture textbook

LONDON, Sept. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announces that through its Imagination University Programme (IUP) it is releasing a Portuguese translation of the popular textbook, ‘Digital Design and Computer Architecture.’ With the book, the growing number of electronic engineering, computer science and computer engineering students in Brazil and Portugal – and Portuguese readers around the world – can learn how to build their own MIPS microprocessor and have a complete understanding of how it works.

Digital Design and Computer Architecture,’ now in its second edition, describes in practical and easy-to-understand terms the fundamentals of digital logic design, and reinforces the concepts through the design of an actual microprocessor. The Portuguese translation of the book includes a bonus chapter about MIPSfpga, Imagination’s complementary university course which is transforming CPU architecture education in universities worldwide by providing free and open access to a fully-validated, current generation MIPS CPU in a complete teaching package. Professors Dr. David Harris and Dr. Sarah Harris co-wrote the textbook and also developed the MIPSfpga CPU and teaching materials.

Dr. Fabiano Hessel, PUCRS project advisor, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil, says: “We use MIPS CPUs in advanced research projects such as those around virtualization and hypervisors. The architecture and its unique features make MIPS an obvious choice for academic projects. Making this fundamental book on MIPS CPU architecture available to students will prepare them well for a future in academia and beyond.”

Robert Owen, manager, Worldwide University Programme, Imagination says: “Students around the world can benefit from this highly acclaimed textbook as they begin their CPU architecture studies, and we’re delighted to make it available to an even wider audience. We are seeing a great deal of interest in the Portuguese translation especially in Brazil where the microelectronics industry continues to develop apace. MIPS has long been the teaching architecture of choice due to its clean, elegant RISC design. Our teaching packages are making it even easier for students and academics around the globe to use MIPS, with an incredibly rich set of tools for CPU architecture education.”

The textbook translation was performed by Professor Antonio Espirito Santo from University Beira Interior in Portugal and Renato Giovanini, a post-graduate student from Brazil.

Students and teachers should visit the Imagination University Programme website to register and download the book, which is free of charge to members of academia. A Russian translation of the book is also available on the IUP website: http://community.imgtec.com/university/resources/.

About the Imagination University Program
The Imagination University Program (IUP) is designed to provide practical help to teachers around the world so that they can use Imagination’s technologies in courses and student projects. The focus is on providing the four vital elements needed to teach a course: a suitable hardware platform at a reasonable price, free software development tools, effective technical support, and excellent teaching materials that serve genuine teaching needs. The IUP is open to all members of academia. For more information, visit http://community.imgtec.com/university.

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