Adventure Capitalists - "Ocean" Gallery

Meet Matt McJunkin, an avid diver and the creator of the Hookaroo.

The Hookaroo is an air flotation device that stays on the surface of the water while the diver can roam freely underwater.

Here is the Hookaroo at work. It houses all of the that typical scuba equipment with none of the physical burden on the diver.

Craig and Dahani enjoy an underwater tea party with the aid of the Hookaroo.

Dahani seals the deal! Craig has doubts and Jeremy's offer wasn't accepted, so Dahani wins the day as the only Hookaroo investor.

This is Brian Wynne the inventor of the Sharkstopper. Over the past ten years he's invested $300K of his own money to get his device on the market.

Meet the Sharkstopper, an acoustic device that straps onto a user's ankle. Once it touches the water it emits a killer whale sound to scare sharks away.

This is the mega Sharkstopper, which is actually called a Watercraft Shark Repellant. It uses four speakers placed around a boat to repel sharks from up to 40 meters away.

Those sharks are getting close! Despite the fact that the Sharkstopper is on, the sharks who were initially scared away seem to be unbothered by the Sharkstopper.

Brian shakes his head at Dahani's offer. He can't get over Dahani wanting 51% of his company. In the end, Brian goes home empty handed.

Chris and Simon Park are brothers who love speed. As a result, they created the X2, a device they say operates like an underwater backpack.

Take a look at the X2. This device has two jets, which the user wears on each wrist, and a battery pack that the user wears on his or her back.

This is the X2 in use and it sure looks fun! This is in a swimming pool—imagine what can happen in the open waters of the sea.

After Jeremy's underwater run, the X2 breaks, much to Dahani's chagrin. Chris and Simon only have one device, so they have to fix it on the spot.

Chris and Simon Park are thankful for the deal! They were able to broker a deal with all three capitalists for some money in exchange for some equity but the hard work has just begun.

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