Carolina Vision Care Offers Necessary Eye Exams for Children During New School Year

GREENVILLE, N.C., Sept. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parents should be aware that untreated vision issues hinder both academic and sports activity performance and an annual eye exam as children begin the new school year is essential to their success, reports Carolina Vision Care. Vision testing is offered as part of children’s annual eye exams at Carolina Vision Care to assess any vision changes that may have occurred after their previous eye exam; and to get children fitted for frames and eyewear that meet their vision needs. Eye care doctors recommend that parents make annual eye exams a tradition as children begin their school year.

The American Optometric Association’s survey shows the importance of eye exams for children as they experience additional eye strain from the use of digital devices. Vision experts still do not know the impact of long-term digital eye use strain on developing children. Children’s annual eye exams can identify any vision changes and offer treatment for vision problems that can impact a child’s scholastic performance. Children spend three hours and more using digital devices on a daily basis as reported from more than 40 percent of parents. Scheduling an annual eye exam at the start of the school year should be a priority for parents.

Parents and children should follow the 20-20-20 rule, as outlined by the AOA. Every 20 minutes a digital device user should look away and at a location 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help lessen the eye strain from continued viewing of a screen and give eyes the breaks that they need. An eye exam provides detailed information on eye health and vision needs for children and adults.

“Digital device use has made it even more important for parents to schedule annual eye exams for children,” said Dr. Thomas McIntosh. “A child’s eye exam may be more important than any other back to school purchase. Making eye exams part of your personal checklist as children begin the school year ensures that you are alerted to changing eye health and vision needs and can take steps to provide the best vision possible for children as they learn and play. Every family should schedule a pediatric eye exam and teach their children the 20-20-20 rule to decrease their digital eye strain.”

Dr. Thomas McIntosh has offered vision services at Carolina Vision Care to the residents of the Pitt County and surrounding communities since 1985. Patients can expect the highest-quality, individualized eye care treatment in a family-friendly environment. Their services include eye exams, emergency treatment, corrective lens fittings, cosmetic lens fittings, surgical referrals, optical lab services and a range of contact lenses and designer frames.

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