Circle Chiropractic Center, PC Evolves during 35 Years of Practice in Fairfax

FAIRFAX, Va., Sept. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patients continue to receive excellence in chiropractic care from a range of evolving and specialized chiropractic techniques and ongoing research for 35 years, reports Circle Chiropractic Center, PC. Chiropractic and complementary therapies have been found to be effective treatments for many that seek a non-invasive and gentle approach to wellness. Spinal decompression is useful in treating conditions including sciatica, back pain and neck pain. Dr. Christopher Frey, chiropractor, has been in practice for 35 years and his practice offers spinal decompression, cold laser therapy and more as part of advancing treatment in chiropractic.

Circle Chiropractic Center, PC has grown to better serve the needs of patients in Fairfax. Staff has continued to develop more customized techniques for effectiveness, patient tolerance and preference. More detailed documentation is available, such as electronic notes, electronic dictation, surface EMG and digital x-rays. New high-tech care options have developed including computer-controlled decompression therapy, cold laser therapy and impulse adjusting with digital sensors for real time assessment of muscle tone. The high caliber staff at Circle Chiropractic Center, PC have expanded their expertise with more advanced chiropractic and medical training during their years of practice.

Chiropractic care as an effective treatment option has gained more support over the last 35 years. Additional research supports the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic treatments for a range of conditions, including migraines, herniated discs and sciatica. The general public has a better understanding of the general principles of chiropractic. The principles include that innate intelligence is constantly at work self-healing and self-regulating; and structural deviations including misalignment of vertebra and other bones and imbalanced muscle tone adversely affect the expression of innate intelligence through the nervous system. This results in malfunction of multiple organ systems.

“Individuals that deal with significant pain and injury can turn to chiropractic to heal from within,” said Dr. Christopher Frey. “Our Fairfax chiropractic team uses the latest proven developments, supported by a growing body of research, to deliver effective patient care. Through all of the changes to treatment and record-keeping, we have always stayed true to offering patients what they have come to expect—the same great healing touch. Patients can benefit from natural and non-invasive methods that work with the body’s innate healing process delivered by a chiropractor that genuinely cares about the welfare of his patients.”

Dr. Christopher Frey of Circle Chiropractic Center, PC offers his 35 years of expertise to the residents of Fairfax, Vienna, Oakton, Reston, Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Dr. Frey and staff offers chiropractic treatments, corrective exercises, lifestyle changes and nutritional advice to help children and adults achieve optimal health. Services include chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, physiological therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.

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