The Brimhall Eye Center Educates Patients on Floaters and Advanced YAG Laser Treatment

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patients experiencing floaters can now get treatment to improve their vision and reduce the severity of their condition, reports The Brimhall Eye Center. Many Las Vegas residents have their vision affected to varying degrees by floaters. The Las Vegas ophthalmologists at The Brimhall Eye Center are available to help patients reduce and eliminate floaters using the YAG laser, a fast and painless treatment that takes only 15 minutes. In addition to maintaining good vision, it is important to have an eye specialist check to see if floaters are related to any other conditions, such as diabetes.

Floaters can impair patient vision. Approximately 30,000 individuals residing in or around Las Vegas have floaters. Floaters are expressed as spots that float around in a patient’s field of vision and result when the vitreous jelly inside an eye shrinks and cast shadows on sensitive retinal tissue. They are most noticeable in bright environments, as when patients are using computer screens or looking up at the sky. Floaters can present as mild or severe as some are barely noticeable. Other cases of floaters can blur and even block patient vision. Those with a severe case can experience a negative impact to their vision and their quality of life, as floaters can impact a person’s ability to read, drive and perform routine tasks safely.

Patients can receive effective treatment for floaters. A YAG laser is used to break apart floaters in a fast and painless treatment. Most patients respond favorably in a review of 10,000 cases of floaters treated with YAG laser therapy

“Floaters are a common condition that occurs as eyes age but can also indicate other health conditions,” said Brett D. Brimhall, MD. “As an experienced eye doctor, I can diagnose and suggest treatment for any related conditions and in many cases effectively reduce or eliminate floaters in patients. The YAG laser affords us the ability to safely address floaters in patients and provide advanced treatment to improve their vision.”

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