Magtron’s Brand New MG Series Specially Designed for PV Inverters

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world leading System-on-Chip (SoC) Magnetic Electronics company Magtron has released the MG series current sensors utilizing the Magtron QuadcoreTM technology. These devices adopt printed board mounting design with built-in copper conductors, and are excellent replacements for the current detection circuits with sampling resistors, linear optocoupler current sampling circuits, overcurrent protection circuits and traditional current sensors.

Magtron’s Brand New MG Series Specially Designed for PV Inverters

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The MG series provides advantages such as fast response time with wide bandwidth, simple circuit design with single power supply, excellent performance for the full operating temperature range with high precision, programmable gain output, as well as capability to monitor both alternating (AC) and direct (DC) currents. The great QuadcoreTM SoC makes the MG series current sensors excellent candidates for the photovoltaic (PV) inverter and variable-frequency drives (VFD) industries.

ASIC DPACK Packaging

Magtron has been the first worldwide to integrate the DPACKTM chip packaging technique into the manufacture of current sensor modules for further enhancement in device stability and reliability of the MG series.


The MG series current sensors can be used as direct substitutions for many other products such as LEM HLSR 10-P, HLSR 16-P, HLSR 20-P, HLSR 32-P, HLSR 40-P and HLSR 50-P.

Robust Pin

The MG series current sensors have adopted the hard pin output design for easy mounting onto printed circuit boards as well as enhancement in device stability and precision.

With the craftsman’s spirit of Magtron, we treat every single piece of the products and every single step in the manufacture process with ultimate respect and dedication. Our endless pursuit for perfection is promoting our finest products to be the top choices all around the world.

We are excited to introduce Magtron’s brand new MG series current sensors released in 2016, designed specially for PV inverters and are perfect PIN to PIN substitutions for the LEM HLSR series products.

Magtron is the worldwide leading company in programmable PGA sensors and SoC magnetic electronics, dedicated to the design and manufacturing of the next-generation magnetoelectric sensing systems with high power density and enhanced differentiation. With today’s advancements in the Internet of Things and intelligent sensors, the innovative technologies developed by Magtron such as QuadcoreTM, RCMUTM, iShuntTM have played important roles in facilitating the evolution of magnetoelectric sensing systems - especially the applications utilizing current sensors - to highly integrated and programmable systems with high power density and easy application.

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