AquaMassage & Chiropractic Center Offers Pain Relief for Auto Accident Injuries

YORK, Pa., Sept. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For most people, getting into a car accident can be a pretty frightening and jarring experience. Unfortunately, the worst part isn't when the initial contact occurs; it generally begins a few hours or days later when whiplash and muscle strain start to set in, reports AquaMassage & Chiropractic Center. The force of a collision—such as a rear impact—can force the cervical spine beyond its normal range of motion, creating misalignment and triggering pain, headaches, and other serious health problems. AquaMassage & Chiropractic Center is helping York patients who have recently been in an auto accident feel better and enjoy wellness without the use of potentially harmful narcotics.

AquaMassage & Chiropractic Center of York, Pennsylvania aims to help patients by offering a variety of safe drug-free treatments specifically tailored to those who have recently been involved in a collision or another incident.

"Many people are afraid to see their doctor or go to the hospital after an auto accident. They just don't want to be told that they need to take medications which they may become reliant upon in order to feel better," explains Dr. Ron Czop. "Chiropractic care has long been considered a safe an effective rehabilitation option for those with whiplash or muscle strain, because it helps treat underlying symptoms instead of just masking the pain."

At AquaMassage & Chiropractic Center, the care process starts with a thorough examination to determine whether whiplash, misalignment, or other symptoms are present. From there, a plan is made as to which treatment options to pursue.

"Common ailments we see in auto accident patients include general shoulder and neck pain or other sprain and strain injuries," continues Dr. Czop. "But we've also noticed an increase in back injuries and concussions associated with car accidents."

In addition to traditional chiropractic adjustment, the center also combines aqua massage and trigger point therapy together to help come up with a treatment plan specifically tailored to the auto accident patient.

"These complementing services can really help speed up healing time and eliminate the problem altogether," Dr. Czop says. "We've had so many patients come to us in pain after an auto accident and walk out feeling better than ever before. It's truly rewarding to see that we can have such an effect after someone has been involved in such a scary experience."

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