Omaha Chiropractor Dr. Mark Eiler of Chiropractic Health Clinic Adds New, Cutting-Edge Techniques to Repertoire of Services

OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Omaha chiropractic center Chiropractic Health Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of a range of innovative new techniques and treatments to their existing suite of services. Dr. Mark Eiler of Chiropractic Health Clinic has recently completed some advanced chiropractic continuing education courses. The techniques he has learned include some new, state of the art techniques and methods for adjusting the upper extremities, including the shoulder, shoulder blade, elbow and wrist. The Omaha chiropractor is looking forward to sharing what he’s learned with current and future clients.

This cutting-edge knowledge includes targeted hands-on adjustment techniques for more effective treatment of injured extremities. This in turn helps to increase mobility and functioning of the joints and muscles. The newer techniques now offered by Dr. Mark Eiler and Chiropractic Health Clinic have been proven to contribute to a faster healing time for clients.

A great number of sports and athletics injuries include issues of the shoulder, including shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, winging scapula, shoulder blade pain, elbow tendinitis, and lifting injuries to the shoulders and upper back. The specialized techniques mastered and now offered by the Omaha chiropractic clinic bring more targeted treatment for these injuries, more immediate pain relief, and more efficient healing which allows for a faster return to normal functioning.

Dr. Mark Eiler says, “Learning these new treatments has brought a clearer understanding of normal and abnormal joint mechanics relative to the mechanism of injury. These treatments are more targeted and effective, resulting in faster healing times and increased quality of life for our clients.”

In addition to these new techniques, Chiropractic Health Clinic of Omaha offers treatment for a range of symptoms and issues, including chronic back pain, neck pain, auto accident injuries, herniated disc, sports injury, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, allergies, asthma, chronic ear infections, headaches and migraines.

Other treatments and techniques offered by the Omaha chiropractor include The Gonstead Technique, the Thompson Technique, The Toggle Technique and Spinal Distraction Therapy. Corrective exercises, spinal decompression, nutritional counseling, lifestyle counseling, neuromuscular release, trigger point therapy, and massage therapy are also offered.

Chiropractic Health Clinic is located in Suite #230 at 2727 South 144th Street in Omaha, Nebraska. Those in the area who are interesting in learning more about the techniques and services offered by the clinic, or who wish to book an appointment, may do so by calling (402) 778-5470. Additional information about the Omaha chiropractic practice and their chiropractic team can also be found at their website at

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