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Texas-based Miracle Mattress shuts doors indefinitely after 9/11 ad falls flat

A soaring beacon of hope: The Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center.
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A mattress store in Texas shuttered its doors indefinitely on Friday, after releasing an advertisement that appeared to parody the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and sparked outrage nationwide.

San Antonio-based Miracle Mattress' "Twin Tower Sale" ad was quickly removed after furious viewers responded to it—but not before it went viral. It featured three store workers, two of whom collapse into two towers of mattresses. Afterward, one of the workers faced the camera and joked, "we'll never forget."

The ad was ripped as being in poor taste, and furious social media users buried Miracle Mattress' Facebook page in negative comments. In a statement, the company blasted the ad as tasteless, adding it would shutter its doors indefinitely.

"We take full responsibility for our actions and sincerely regret the hurt and pain caused by this disrespectful advertising campaign," Mike Bonanno, owner of the San Antonio-based Miracle Mattress, said in a statement.

Bonanno noted that the company plans to offer support for the 9/11 Memorial and victims funds and will detail those efforts next week. In addition, he said that several fake social media accounts have been creatn the wake of the scandal, and have been targeting customers and outraged Twitter users.

"Miracle Mattress, its ownership, and its employees, will not be engaging in any personal attacks or responses on any social media platform," Bonanno said. "Any account doing so is unauthorized."

Mattress Miracle is not the only company to make a marketing mishap attempting to honor September 11. A Wal-Mart in Florida took down a large display of Coke products on Thursday that had depicted the Twin Towers.

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