RadioMedix successful installations of SmartMedix and All in One (AIO) fully automated radiosynthesizers in USA.

Houston, TX, Sept. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RadioMedix Inc. is pleased to announce successful installation of SmartMedix ™ (mini AIO) and All in One (AIO) synthesizers powered by Trasis S.A. for fully automated production of radiopharmaceutical agents in several clinical and research site in US (Excel Diagnostic Clinic-Houston ,TX; Johns Hopkins University- Baltimore, MD ; University of Pennsylvania-Philadelphia, PA; Wake Forest University- Winston-Salem, NC).

SmartMedixTM and AIO are cassette-based system for versatile production of radiotheranostic agents for research product development and process optimization, as well as the clinical dose preparation. This GMP compliant system allows for implementing the most tedious radiochemistry protocols to adopt it to all users’ needs. RadioMedix has a strong commitment to expand the use of automated modules powered by Trasis S.A. in radiopharmaceutical market in USA. The company offers both technical and scientific support for both researchers and radiopharmacists to accelerate their effort in introduction of new agents and their commercialization.

“We are excited that these pre-eminent clinical sites decided to implement our automated module into their production of radiotracers”, said Dr. Ebrahim S. Delpassand, CEO of RadioMedix Inc. “Our company has a strong track record in both research programs and clinical studies and we are happy to serve nuclear medicine community to provide the radiopharmaceutical support.”.

“Our company is working on introduction of new protocols for production of Lu177, Pb203, Cu64 and Ga68-labeled agents and we are eager to help our academic and clinical partners in setting up new sequences for the clinical dose preparation and initiation of new research projects”, echoed Dr. Izabela Tworowska, Chief Science Officer of RadioMedix. “We are confident that this excellent technology will serve well all researchers and clinical teams in USA."

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About RadioMedix Inc.

RadioMedix, Inc. is a clinical phase biotechnology company focused on commercialization of innovative targeted radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis, monitoring and therapy of cancer. The company is interested in translational studies of the generator-produced radiopharmaceuticals based on Gallium-68 and Lead-212 chemistry. RadioMedix has also established two service facilities for academic and industrial partners: cGMP Manufacturing Suite for clinical probe development and Molecular Imaging Facility for evaluation of agents in animal models. The company is a co-sponsor and collaborator on several clinical trials.

About Trasis S.A.

Trasis specializes in the development and manufacturing of radiopharmaceutical equipment. The company, created in 2004, builds on the experience of its founders in major engineering and radiopharmaceutical companies. By carefully listening to professional users and market trends, it supplies innovative and reliably designed systems that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. From accelerator or generator output to dose administration systems, Trasis can provide the best products and service adapted to your needs. Trasis’s products include AllinOne synthesizer family, Unidose dispensing unit for hospital, quickFill dispensing for radiopharmacies, dedicated shielding solutions, custom synthesis development, custom GMP cassettes and reagent kits for AIO, and training of personnel.

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