Why Putting Customers First Makes Good Business Sense

PLANTATION, FLA., Sept. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- :DentalPlans, a leading online marketplace for affordable alternatives to traditional dental insurance, is pleased to announce that Danielle Powers, the company's general counsel, was featured in a recent issue of US Business Executive magazine.

Known for providing insights into the fastest growing companies throughout the country, and serving as a platform for elite business leaders across the nation to connect, the four-page article on Powers focuses on her critical roles at :DentalPlans. This includes facilitating communication, brand protection and legal compliance.

As noted in the article: "One of the greatest challenges in the insurance and benefits industry is building consumer trust — particularly in a market that has changed significantly since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Recent studies suggest that less than a third of people surveyed trust their insurance providers, which creates a steep hill to climb for a business that markets and administers these plans."

Powers believes in being highly proactive about protecting brand reputation and customer privacy. She works to define and implement company policies and procedures that build and retain customer trust, rather than trying to do damage control. And, she pays particular attention to customer service and social media, to help ensure that consumers always have open and effective lines of communication with the company.

Powers also works closely with :DentalPlans' information technology [IT] team, particularly in the areas of data privacy and data security.

"These are compliance issues, of course, but they are also a significant part of the service we provide to our members. People should be able to trust that the personal information they share with companies will be protected and kept private," said Powers.

Powers' dedication and commitment to excellence has made a significant impact on not only :DentalPlans' employees, but the company's consumers.

"Danielle has really revolutionized the role of general counsel in her work at :DentalPlans. Rather than focusing solely on legal concerns and protecting the company, she has opted to put the customer experience front and center, creating even more value for our consumers. By doing so, she's helped to prove that our customer-centric approach to business also grows profits," said Bill Chase, vice president of marketing at :DentalPlans.

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