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New York deli challenges fashion models to eat monstrously large sandwich

A deli in New York City is offering New York Fashion Week models a chance to win free food, but there's a catch: They have to eat this giant sandwich.

Source: Carnegie Delicatessen & Restaurant

Carnegie Delicatessen and Restaurant debuted its Fashion Sandwich in a Facebook post on Saturday. The humongous sandwich is piled high with pastrami, turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion and wedged between three slices of rye bread with the help of a wooden skewer. Mustard is served on the side.

The monstrous meal sells for about $30 and will be available for regular customers throughout September, but any professional model that orders the sandwich and finishes it doesn't have to pay a cent.

So far, no one has accepted Carnegie Deli's challenge. However, a spokeswoman for the company noted that the iconic Jewish deli has served famous runway stars such as Kate Upton, Tyra Banks and Kim Alexis, among others.

Carnegie Deli is known for its mountainous sandwiches. Here's a look at a few other massive creations:

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