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The Great Room in Singapore takes co-working spaces to a new level

Step inside this luxury hotel-inspired co-working space

The Great Room, a new co-working space in Singapore, is designed to resemble a luxury hotel, offering everything from a "turn-down cart" to complimentary breakfasts.

Jaelle Ang, the co-founder of The Great Room, recently gave CNBC the grand tour, explaining how services such as the cart carrying cookies and hot chocolate and the free Monday morning breakfast could boost workers' output.

"A lot of high value business is done not in a work station, but in a much more social, warm setting," she says of the inspiration behind her concept.

Ang reckons lobbies in particular are where deals get done.

Inside The Great Room, a luxury inspired co-working space in Singapore
Uptin Saiidi | CNBC

"They feel like they're going to meet someone special," she says. "So we started dissecting, what is it about hotel lobbies that creates this high energy buzz and good feeling?"

The Great Room features private office space as well as a large, open shared space with custom furniture for individual members.

Ang is no stranger to luxury. Before getting into co-working spaces, she worked on developing The Four Seasons hotel in Bangkok.

Singapore, meanwhile, has seen a surge in co-working spaces open up in the past few years, and U.S.-based giant WeWork is expanding in Asia this year, having launched in Shanghai recently, with plans to open in Hong Kong and Seoul in the coming months.

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