Globalstar Prepares for Release of the Next Generation Sat-Fi® Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

COVINGTON, La., Sept. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Globalstar Inc. (NYSE:GSAT) announced today that alpha testing of its next generation duplex device, Sat-Fi2, has commenced in preparation to fully launch the highly anticipated mass consumer and enterprise product in early 2017. Building upon its predecessor, Sat-Fi2 allows customers to use their smartphones and tablets to stay connected when beyond cellular. With the newest model and second-generation satellites and ground infrastructure in place, businesses and recreationalists will experience affordable, seamless connectivity unprecedented within the MSS industry. The smaller, more portable Hughes-based form factor will enable a wide range of enterprise and individual customers to economically leverage the benefits of Globalstar’s newest mobile satellite network.

By pairing one’s existing Wi-Fi-enabled device with the Sat-Fi2 app, users can talk, text, email, access the web, track their whereabouts, check weather and post to social media, regardless of cellular coverage. In an emergency, users can send an S.O.S. message to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center and have direct two-way communication with Search and Rescue services. Most notably, Sat-Fi2 users will be the first to leverage Globalstar’s second-generation network infrastructure, which means improved performance, enhanced capacity and data speeds of up to 72 kbps. In the near future, users will be able to access speeds of 128 kbps and up to 256 kbps once additional external antenna engineering is completed for second-generation products.

Following alpha testing, a beta test period will be completed prior to making any final firmware and hardware enhancements before mass production.

Chairman and CEO, Jay Monroe, commented, “The next generation Sat-Fi device has been years in the making, and we’re eager to share this innovative technology with the billions of people around the globe who currently have no alternative solution to affordably make calls, send texts, emails or access the internet from their remote locations, something many of us can easily take for granted on a daily basis. The commencement of alpha testing means we’re one step closer to bringing this device to the marketplace, which also means helping more people to efficiently run their business, adventure off-the-grid and when required, be used to help save a life.”

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