Innovative Technology for Teacher Job-Embedded Professional Development

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Sept. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes is expanding its use of innovative technology for schools around the world through the use of Instructional Robots made by Double Robotics. What began as one project utilizing one robot is now 50 robots servicing multiple projects. The Instructional Robot is a mobile device with an iPad attached, enabling Lindamood-Bell staff to interact with teachers, students, and administrators who are engaged with Lindamood-Bell programs for reading and comprehension in their classrooms. Interaction is in real time over a Facetime session.

Lindamood-Bell uses the Double Robotics robots to visit schools from Alaska to Honduras. Through this technology, school districts are provided with job-embedded professional development and best practices for teachers, saving districts thousands of dollars. Traditionally, a Lindamood-Bell staff member would travel to the school site. The Instructional Robot allows them to provide schools with the same interaction in a more efficient and cost-effective way, as costs and time involved in physical travel are no longer a factor.

"Our staff has greater flexibility to visit multiple sites per day, all while saving the school districts thousands of dollars per year," says Owen Main, Regional Manager of Lindamood-Bell For Schools. "School Districts now have more access to our resources because of our technology and Double Robotics. This innovative instruction is making a difference for students."

About Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
Lindamood-Bell is committed to teaching children and adults to read and comprehend to their potential. Since 1986, the organization has provided literacy solutions and professional development for schools around the world. Their programs have been used successfully with diverse schools and students, helping to significantly raise student achievement, especially for struggling readers and students with disabilities. Research initiatives include collaborations with MIT, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and previously with Wake Forest and Georgetown University. Lindamood-Bell has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, featured in Time, US News and World Report, Neuron, and NeuroImage, and has appeared on CNN and PBS. Lindamood-Bell is accredited by AdvancED. Visit Lindamood-Bell For Schools to learn more.

CONTACT: Erika Blackwell, Director of Lindamood-Bell For Schools (805) 541-3836

Source: Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes