The Profit

The Profit: "Flex Watches" Gallery


Marcus meets the guys behind Flex Watches. When they started their company, their mission was to make a difference but now they're about to go out of business.

The first generation of Flex Watch was cute and sporty. It also had a great price point of $35.

The second generation of Flex Watches was created in response to retail demand. Retail stores wanted a higher price point and, in response, Flex created a fancier watch at $119.

The third generation Flex Watch looks even nicer but took a step back in terms of pricing. This one retails for about $65.

Marcus gets his first look at the packaging for the Flex Watch and he thinks it's very unappealing. He wants to do a whole brand makeover.

Trevor and Travis get choked up while talking about the death of Trevor's mom and how it has affected the way they do business.

Marcus has made his assessment—he thinks he can help Flex Watches. He cuts a check and tells them he is 100% in charge.

Marcus explains the "silent salesman" to the Flex Watches team. He thinks a custom display in the right stores could boost their business tremendously.

Marcus asks the Flex Watches team to create a brand identity bulletin board but in the process the three of them can't stop bickering.

Once they show their bulletin board to Oishii Creative, they find out just how much work they need to do.

Marcus gets his first look at the silent salesman that Travis created and he doesn't like it at all.

Marcus introduces the Flex Watch team to the Painted Village, a company that matches brands like theirs with artists who can do design work for them.

The reinvigorated Flex Watches team makes a pitch to Flip Flop Shops and it goes well. Very well!