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Cathie Wood's 5 tech revolutions to invest in

Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of Ark Investment Management, revealed five technological advancements that will revolutionize the world and how to put money behind them, in an exclusive interview for CNBC PRO.

"We are seeing five general-purpose technology platforms evolve at the same time, and we think they are just as big as the steam engine, and the telephone, and electricity" said Wood, who managed $5 billion for AllianceBernstein before starting Ark in 2014.

One of those technologies relates to DNA sequencing, a process in which scientists analyze people's genetic code in hopes of finding drugs that could predict and even cure some of today's most devastating diseases.

In this wide-ranging conversation with CNBC's Mike Santoli, the successful investor in Facebook and bitcoin also touches on:

  • Reasons why the Nasdaq still has room to run.
  • Tech companies with fast growth rates.
  • How to identify investment opportunities based on 'S-curves.'
  • Why Tesla's market share could skyrocket.
  • Her take on Apple.

PRO subscribers can also read the entire transcript of the exclusive interview below.