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Don't download Apple update on certain iPhones, T-Mobile CEO tweets

A customer with an iPhone at a T-Mobil store in New York City.
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T-Mobile executives are warning customers not to download Apple's latest update, iOS 10, on older iPhone models.

Apple is working with T-Mobile to fix network connectivity issues on T-Mobile iPhone 5, SE, 6 and 6 Plus models, CEO John Legere tweeted on Thursday.

CNBC has reached out to Apple for more details. It comes on the heels of an iOS 10 glitch that froze some iPhones on Tuesday — it's unclear whether that issue, which Apple said was resolved, is related.

Neville Ray, T-Mobile's chief technology officer, tweeted that users that have already downloaded Apple's updated operating system should restart their phone each time they lose connection.

The new operating system was expected to include updates revealed earlier this year, including big changes to Photos and Messages. In fact, CEO Tim Cook called iOS 10 "the mother of all releases."

— Everett Rosenfeld and Josh Lipton contributed to this report.