I’m a Latina and here’s why I support Trump—and his immigration plan

No matter your race (black, white, Asian, or Latino) or where you stand on immigration (Left or Right) – something has to give. As a Cuban-American living in the immigrant-rich city of Miami, I see the beauty of the diverse cultures converging in this country firsthand. But like so many Latinas and Latinos in this country, I consider myself American first. I appreciate all of what this wonderful country has to offer and the democracy and freedom it has provided me, probably even more so than most -- thanks, in part, to the incredible stories of struggle passed on by my parents and grandparents.

But Latina or not, the American Dream comes at a price — It comes with strings attached such as the profound belief in and the support of Democracy, the Bill of Rights and the laws that govern this country and its sovereignty. A growing number of Latinas and Latinos just like myself agree with Mr. Donald J. Trump on his plans for immigration because it puts America and its citizens first. While some may see that as lack of compassion to the millions of illegals living in this country, I see it as an appreciation and respect for this country and the hard-working Americans who came before us and made this great nation what it is today.

"I personally believe that Trump’s plan can finally establish a system for those who truly want to be here, for those who agree with our democracy, and for those who will not be a drain on our economy."

Trump has proposed a 10-point plan that emphasizes enforcement and a reversal of the executive orders that have given way to things like sanctuary cities and catch-and-release. While deportation is one of the last steps in the plan, it will take much time to implement thanks to due process. But everyone seems to emphasize (possible and massive) deportation even though it has never been mentioned as the priority or first step by anyone other than those who represent the left. Trump's speech and all subsequent interviews clearly refer to the enforcement priorities of the criminal aliens, the visa overstays, and the public charges (those who abuse the welfare system). But I, along with many other Latinas and Latinos, prefer to focus on America and the enforcement of existing laws. Laws created to protect all of the American people.

The fact is, the No. 1 priority for established Latinos like myself is NOT immigration but our family and our country's safety. I personally believe that Trump's plan can finally establish a system for those who truly want to be here, for those who agree with our democracy, and for those who will not be a drain on our economy. If, in fact, the remaining illegal immigrants believe in our system of Democracy then they, too, should take no issue with Mr. Trump's plan. Putting Mr. Trump's plan in place can finally give millions of hard working and resilient immigrants the chance to get in line like the rest. I believe that Trump's plan is not rooted in racism or hate, but instead in a deep love and appreciation for this country. Yes, it is the path less chosen because it takes a hard line on criminal illegals regardless of their individual circumstances. But common sense tells us it is the only path to finally securing our borders, safeguarding our families, and restoring law and order. More importantly, it is a way to put low-skilled Americans to work and end their perpetual state of welfare. Mr. Donald J. Trump and Latinas and Latinos such as myself have chosen to put America first during this election. If that makes me a racist or a bigot, then this Latina is guilty as charged.

Commentary by Denise Galvez, a first-generation Cuban-American. She recently put her 20-plus years of marketing and PR experience to use and co-founded Latinas for Trump with girlfriend Ileana Garcia. Follow her on Twitter @DeniseGalvez.

Disclosure: Denise Galvez is not compensated by the Trump campaign or other political organizations in any way. Ileana Garcia, who co-founded Latinas for Trump with Galvez, was hired over the summer to serve as Trump's communications director for Latino outreach.

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