Trump is 'in excellent physical health,' his doctor says

Trump in 'excellent health' - Doctor's letter

Donald Trump's campaign released a summary of his latest physical exam Thursday, describing the Republican presidential nominee as being "in excellent physical health."

Dr. Harold Bornstein said the 70-year-old candidate weighs 236 pounds, which is overweight for his 6-foot-3 height. Trump takes a cholesterol drug and low-dose aspirin and has had normal results on an echo cardiogram, Bornstein said.

While the letter offers more specifics on Trump's health than the campaign had released previously, it is not a full medical record and gives no details on past ailments other than an appendectomy Trump had when he was 11.

The letter follows his Hillary Clinton's release of more medical details on Wednesday. Questions about the candidates' health have emerged after Clinton's campaign disclosed a diagnosis of pneumonia made two days after the 68-year-old stumbled and needed help entering a vehicle while leaving a 9/11 ceremony. Trump would become the oldest president ever elected, while Clinton would be second oldest.

Trump previously provided the details in the letter to "The Dr. Oz Show" in an episode that airs Thursday.

Bornstein last year wrote a letter saying Trump would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency." He later told NBC News that he wrote the letter in five minutes but stood by his assessment of Trump's health.

Here is more of Trump's health summary from Bornstein's letter:

  • Trump has cholesterol of 169, with HDL of 63 and LDL of 94.
  • He has liver and thyroid function tests within normal range.
  • Trump has had an annual physical exam and last had a colonoscopy in 2013, which showed normal results.
  • An EKG and chest X-ray in April showed normal results.
  • Trump does not drink alcohol or use tobacco.

Who's healthier? Tale of the tape - Trump vs. Clinton

Candidate:Donald TrumpHillary Clinton
Weight:236 poundsN/A
Blood Pressure:116/70100/70
Cholesterol: 169 (HDL 63, LDL 94)189 (HDL 56, LDL 103)
Medications: StatinsArmour Thyroid, Coumadin, Clarinex, Levaquin (for recent diagnosis of pneumonia)