Virtual reality gaming is coming, but it's still a couple years out, EA CEO says


Virtual and augmented reality may be the "topic du jour," but the market won't see massive adoption for a couple years, according to one gaming CEO.

The industry needs to make a "profound user proposition" for VR gaming in order for it to become a "big mass-market consumer enterprise," Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said on CNBC's "Squawk Alley."

"We've got some work to do, both at a technology level and a software level, to make sure that these experiences truly are better than anything you can get today," he said on Thursday.

Wilson explained that one hurdle for VR gaming on mobile devices is that people "don't want to carry extra stuff around." Most VR experiences require users to wear headsets that are much bulkier than a smartphone.

Developing compelling games for mobile devices is crucial, as it is the "fastest-growing part of [Electronic Arts'] business," Wilson said.

"The mobile device is the biggest gaming platform on the planet," he said.

Wilson said that he believes gamers are "going to align themselves with brands they know, and provided we deliver great experiences, we expect that business to continue to grow for us."