A business in Canada is offering a job and 2 free acres of land if you relocate

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
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Two free acres of land is not a typical perk to offer to a new hire. But that's what The Farmer's Daughter Country Market is offering.

That's because, well, it needs workers, and there aren't any available in the village of Whycocomagh, located on Cape Breton, an island at the eastern end of Nova Scotia in Canada. It's stunningly gorgeous territory, but it's pretty remote.

The Facebook post advertising the job and land offer admits that you won't get rich taking the job at The Farmer's Daughter Country Market, but the rural town offers a wholesome life that it hopes will entice someone to make the big move.

"We can't give you big money, but we can give you an awesome life," the Facebook post reads. "But we can offer you a great incentive to come and try us out. One thing our business does have is LOTS of LAND."

Cabot Trail at Cap Rouge, Cape Breton
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Upon being accepted for the job, the new employee will get access to two acres of land to put a home on. If the employee stays on at The Farmer's Daughter Country Market for five years, and everyone still likes each other after that time working together, then the land is granted to the employee.

The job offer went up a couple weeks ago, and there has been a lot of interest already. The post has thousands of likes and comments, many from people who seem tired of the hectic pace of modern life.

To be sure, the lifestyle does sound idyllic for the adventurous outdoor type. "It is an area surrounded by beautiful mountains and the shining Bras d'Or lake where kayaks and canoes outnumber motorboats," the post reads. "We are looking for people who are environmentally conscious, want to be part of a community and will see our business not as you work for us, but we all work together to create something to be proud of."

One catch: The job is only available for those who can already legally work in Canada.

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