Pet Ear Care Center of Cupertino will be a Sponsor at the Bark in the Park Festival in San Jose on Saturday, Sept. 17

CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet Ear Care Center is pleased to announce they will be a sponsor at the Bark in the Park festival this year. The pet-centered festival will be held on Saturday, Sept 17 in downtown San Jose, California.

At the Pet Ear Care Center booth, the Cupertino veterinarian will speak about advanced procedures and technologies in pet ear care. Through these talks and presentations, they hope to raise awareness about pet ear problems and the solutions that can assist pets in getting on the mend quickly.

Bark in the Park San Jose™ is the largest dog festival held in the United States. It is a free event, but there is a suggested donation of $5 for each dog. All proceeds go to pet-related charities and local community organizations, including San Jose Animal Care Center and Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Activities at the Main Stage will include a police dog demo, Frisbee games, behavior and agility training and sheep herding. There will also be a Dog Costume Contest, Happy Dog Tail Wagging Contest, Pet/Owner Look-Alike Contest, and more. The Bark in the Park festival is put together by the Naglee Park Campus Community Association and is volunteer-run.

Attendees can learn more about dogs and the various breeds available, pet selection, and the proper care for specific dog types. Over 75 local businesses and non-profits will be participating, and Pet Ear Care Center is pleased to be one of the sponsors this year.

The Bark in the Park festival was founded in 1996 and is going strong. Besides the main performance stage, there will be featured demonstrations, food vendors, children’s activities, and vendor booths displaying goods and services related to dogs.

Pet Ear Care Center specializes in advanced ear care techniques for pets with chronic or acute ear issues. Hot spots, ear blockages and yeast infections are some of the common maladies. Other issues can include allergies, ear mites, excess dirt or wax, dermatitis, foxtails, polyps and tumors. Inflamed ears can cause pets to scratch and bite at their ears or act out in other ways. Left untreated, hearing loss is possible.

Munir Kureshi, DVM says, “Our goal is to provide the most advanced ear care treatments possible for your pet. We use Storz endoscopy systems to look deep inside the ears to identify and treat the root cause of the problem.”

Pet Ear Care Center is located at 10026 Peninsula Avenue in Cupertino, California. They also serve clients in the San Jose and Silicon Valley areas. Those who wish to inquire further about this Cupertino pet ear doctor or book an exam may do so by calling (408) 738-3277. More information about the practice is also available on their website at

Pet Ear Care Center, (408) 738-3277

Source:Pet Ear Care Center