Here's how much the average single person has saved for retirement

Bridget Jones
Source: Bridget Jones

In general, Americans are not prepared for retirement particularly single people.

"Even among those approaching retirement (age 56–61), most single men and women do not have any retirement account savings," the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) reported.

Specifically, 43% of single men and 42% of single women have retirement account savings, compared with 65% of married couples (scroll over the chart below to see how the numbers have changed over the years):

And those who do have retirement savings accounts haven't stashed away much.

Among single men with savings, the accounts hold an average balance of $34,000. Single women with savings have an average of $30,000 saved. Meanwhile, the typical married couple with savings has a balance of $78,000:

In general, the EPI notes, most people need to set aside more, and women are particularly vulnerable because they live longer and are more likely to outlive their savings.

How much is enough for you? According to retirement-plan provider Fidelity Investments, to be financially ready to retire by age 67, you should aim to have 10 times your final salary in savings.

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