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'Million Dollar Listing' broker: How to look like a millionaire at work

Fredrik Eklund
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Investing in your looks might also be an investment in your career. Studies show that how you present yourself plays a big role in how people perceive you, how productive you are and even how much money you earn.

For Fredrik Eklund, a self-made millionaire and the star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," the key to selling your product is first selling yourself — and great style pays dividends.

He shares eight simple ways to look your best in his new book "The Sell."

1. Hire a tailor

For this business mogul, the most expensive outfit could look bad if it doesn't fit well.

"The biggest mistake both men and women make with clothes is buying them off the rack and not getting them tailored," Eklund writes.

"If your job entails meeting anyone face-to-face, find yourself an expert tailor who will shape your clothes to you."

Purchasing a less expensive piece of clothing and getting it fitted is one of Eklund's favorite style hacks.

"You can make a $400 suit like a $4,000 one with the expertise of the right tailor," he says.

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2. Wear color

Avoid wearing all black or all grey suits or dresses, Eklund recommends.

"Business attire is by nature a conservative statement," he writes. "So why make it doubly conservative?"

Instead, add a splash of color with a bright tie, scarf or pair of socks.

3. Pay attention to your shoes

"Everyone notices your shoes," he writes. "What's on your feet can either give you a strong leg to stand on or hobble an outfit."

But style doesn't mean you have to forego comfort.

Eklund recommends trying on shoes in the evening, when your feet are slightly swollen after a long day, to make sure you don't get shoes that are too small.

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4. Find your signature look

Eklund, who is known for his jean suits and colorful socks, says professionals should embrace their own style.

"Please don't just wear a suit or dress to wear a suit or dress, especially if it's ill-fitting!" Eklund writes. "If your signature look is dark jeans and a polo shirt or a blouse and short skirt, work that out!"

5. Sport a nice watch

While nearly everyone can pull out their phone to check the time, wearing a watch makes a statement.

"A watch is a billboard," he said.

And it's not just for men. "I love a big, bold man's watch on a woman. It says, 'Don't [mess] with me.'"

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6. Invest in your hair

Having a great hairstyle is an important personal investment, Eklund says.

"I've heard it said that hair is a ball gown you never take off," Eklund writes. "You wear your hair every day. Don't you want it to look good?"

7. Eat well

"You don't have to live on a farm and pick your own apples and milk the cows to get good food," Eklund writes.

He describes how not drinking soda changed how he feels at work.

"I became more energetic, and I've been sleeping really well at night."

8. Smile

Of course, no outfit is complete without a bit of positive energy.

"Smiling people look more confident and are more likely to be presented with more opportunities," Eklund writes.