Birmingham and Vestavia Optometrist at ClearView Family EyeCare Now Offering Custom Designed Bifocal Contact Lenses

VESTAVIA, Ala., Sept. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Optometry practice of Birmingham, ClearView Family EyeCare, is pleased to announce that they are now offering custom designed bifocal contact lenses using WAVE® design software in addition to their other products and services. The Vestavia optometry clinic is committed to bringing a range of vision correction options to its clients, and custom bifocal contact lenses bring the perfect fit for those with differing close and distance vision prescriptions.

Birmingham contact lenses come in multifocal aspheric designs to accommodate both near and distance correction in the same lens. A big factor in the success of these lenses is the placement of the central visual area of these lenses. Depending on the patient’s particular lifestyle, work and preferred activities, this center zone may be for distance or reading vision. The success of these lenses is largely dependent on placing it close to or directly over the pupil as well as making it the proper size. Pupil size is an important factor to consider, as small pupils function better with distance vision from the center, and large pupils function better if the close vision prescription is located at the center.

By using WAVE® custom design software, Dr. John Keriotis is able to more accurately place the distance and reading portion of the lenses. Many bifocal contact lens failures are due to the “one size fits all” designs. These “off the shelf” bifocal contact lenses have only one size for the central vision zone so they either work or they don’t. “Custom lens designs can increase a patient’s chance for success by enabling the doctor to change the size of this central zone depending on the patient’s visual needs as well as their pupil size,” says Dr. Keriotis. He is Birmingham’s only certified fitter using WAVE® custom contact lens design software. The software first precisely maps the surface shape of the eye. Dr. Keriotis then uses this map to design a custom lens for each patient.

Dr. Keriotis says, “At ClearView Family EyeCare, we assess each patient’s visual needs to determine the best type of custom bifocal contact lens design. Determinations are based upon the shape of the eye, the patient’s prescription, and their work and lifestyle habits.”

In addition to custom designs for Birmingham contact lenses, ClearView Family EyeCare offers complete eye exams that check for a range of conditions. The goal is early detection and treatment of macular degeneration, refractive errors, glaucoma, dry eye disease, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and any other eye health issues.

ClearView Family EyeCare is located in Suite #110 at 790 Montgomery Highway in Vestavia, Alabama. Those in the area who wish to book an exam may do so by calling (205) 509-0007. More information about the Birmingham eye doctor is available on their website at

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Source: ClearView Family EyeCare