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Bald eagles trained to snatch hostile drones

A Dutch police agency are training bald eagles to capture drones.
Source: Guard From Above

Dutch police are training bald eagles to attack drones.

You read that correctly.

Police in the Netherlands have been training juvenile bald eagles imported from North America to intercept small drones that appear suspicious or may pose threats, according to LiveScience.

The Dutch National Police have been training the birds for the past year, and apparently received interest in their program from law enforcement in other countries, including the United States.

The police have been collaborating with a private company called Guard from Above, which trains birds of prey to intercept drones.

The rising use of civilian drones in the U.S. and around the world has sparked some controversy over privacy and safety, as well as questions over how their use should be regulated.

The DNP plans to use the birds to attack a drone that might be seen as a potential threat, such as a drone hovering near a visiting diplomat or dignitary. The birds are trained to see the drones as prey, and will even have special "shoes" to protect their feet from injury, LiveScience noted.

Agence France Presse also has a short video showing the eagles at work.