Cleveland Hustles: "Soda Bars and Pickle Jars" Gallery


Andrew Rainey created Randy's Pickles along with two of his friends and his grandma's pickle recipe.

Kumar isn't very pleased when Andrew sets the location for their first meeting in his backyard. Andrew might have a bit to learn about being professional.

Bonin and Kumar issue a difficult challenge to Andrew: Hire and train three new employees, plus triple his weekly business in only 72 hours!

Eventually, Andrew turns to Craigslist to find his new employees but can he train them well enough to maintain the quality of his artisan pickles?

Andrew is a born salesman. Here, he entices a current customer to sign a letter of intent promising to increase their usual order. This promissory note is the one that helps Andrew meet the goal set by Kumar.

Kumar solicits the advice of some of the other Cleveland Hustles investors to help him make a decision about Randy's Pickles.

Cousins, Sean Adkins and Mike Gulley created Old City Soda in an apartment and now they are looking to expand. Kumar sees investment potential!

Kumar visits the cousins to learn more about their brand and their story. Even though Old City Soda is doing pretty well, the cousins haven't been able to take a salary. If chosen, Kumar's investment could change that.

Kumar gives Sean and Mike their task: Open a pop up shop in 72 hours and earn at last $1K in revenue for the day.

Bonin stops by to check on the progress of the pop up shop and offers a bit of advice. He thinks the cousins should offer food to families.

During the day, the Old City Soda pop up shop does well with the kids, racking up $200 easily. At night the pop up shop does even better!

Sean and Mike are jazzed! Because their pop up shop did so well, Kumar can see that they have potential. He decides to invest.