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Clinton camp shelled out $33 million for ads in August, more than half its spending

Hillary Clinton
Bryan Woolston | Reuters

Hillary Clinton's campaign had $68 million on hand at the end of August, with spending rising during the month due to a heavy dose of media buys.

The Clinton campaign reported $59.5 million in receipts for the month, up from $52.3 million in July, according to a Federal Election Commission report filed Tuesday. Its disbursements rose to $49.6 million from $38.2 million in the prior month.

A large portion of that increase came from media buying. The Clinton campaign reported $32.7 million in "media buy" expenses, about 66 percent of its total spending. It reported spending $25.8 million for that purpose in July.

Clinton opened up a significant polling lead against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the start of August, riding a bump after the Democratic National Convention. However, her polling numbers have suffered this month amid a bout with pneumonia and relatively restrained behavior on the trail for Trump's standards.

The August figures for Trump's campaign are due Tuesday night, as well.

Clinton's big spending on media highlights the differing approaches for the campaigns. Trump has largely shunned expensive television advertising and his campaign made its first TV ad buy only last month.

About 45 percent of the Trump campaign's spending in July went to Giles-Parscale, a firm which handles its website and digital fundraising push.

The last FEC filings for the candidates prior to Election Day are due Oct. 20.