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A start-up CEO and ex-Googler shares her 2 favorite productivity tricks

Liz Wessel
Source: Liz Wessel

A lot goes into running a company particularly a start-up.

By default, entrepreneur Liz Wessel is busy.

We asked the co-founder and CEO of WayUp, a site that connects students and recent grads with jobs at places like Uber, Goldman Sachs and Google, where Wessel previously worked, how she gets everything done.

The ex-Googler has two, go-to strategies: She uses her inbox as a to-do list and she eliminates distractions.

"I don't let myself go to sleep unless all of my to-dos are done, which means that my inbox is empty," Wessel told CNBC. "If something isn't urgent, I use the Boomerang extension for Gmail to make sure that I send nonurgent things to be returned to my inbox the next day or week."

When the CEO has a project or task she needs to complete quickly and effectively, she gives it her undivided attention.

"I sit at my desk, completely zone in, and focus on getting it done," Wessel said. "I don't let anything distract me."

Once she finishes the project at hand, she doesn't label it as fully completed: "I go back to my other work, and then come back several hours later to have a fresh set of eyes in case I want to tweak anything."