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I get paid to be a professional bridesmaid

I get paid to be a professional bridesmaid

Jen Glantz has walked down the aisle a lot. Not at her own weddings, but at the weddings of complete strangers. That's because Glantz is a bridesmaid for hire.

"I have more bridesmaid dresses than I would like to admit. I really give Katherine Heigl's character in "Twenty Seven Dresses" a run for her money," Glantz said in an interview with CNBC's Power Lunch.

The idea to offer her services as a professional bridesmaid came to Glantz one Friday night two years ago. Then she posted an ad on Craigslist.

"Within 48 hours I received hundreds of responses from brides all over the world. So that prompted me to start this business, " Glantz said.

Glantz offers several wedding packages ranging from $500 to over $2,000.

"From virtual services, where I can help brides from all over the world…I have in person packages where I'm just behind the scenes at your wedding, and I have a package where I actually put on the polyester dress and I walk down the aisle for you," Glantz said.

So why would someone hire a complete stranger to be in their wedding? It's a question Glantz gets asked a lot.

"You're very close to your friends in your early 20's but sometimes you grow away from them. Brides also hire me because they have five or six bridesmaids but they are looking for a professional to handle all the dirty work so their bridesmaids can get to the open bar a whole lot faster," Glantz said.

Last year, Glantz worked with over forty brides and maids of honor but she is vowing to do more.

"I've had over 10,000 women apply to work for me and become a professional bridesmaid. It would be so empowering to be able to hire a lot of those women. So I hope to franchise this, I hope to have it everywhere," Glantz said.

And as for awkward wedding moments, there have been plenty. Enough to fill a book, which Glantz has done called "Always a Bridesmaid for Hire."