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Marcus Lemonis: Being your own boss takes a 'thick skin and a tough stomach'


Every fledgling entrepreneur needs to have a tough conversation with him or herself, says turnaround king Marcus Lemonis. 

"People think being an entrepreneur is sexy and glamorous. Why, because you put on a tie? Because you go to a place you call your office?" asked Lemonis. "What about all the stuff that comes with it?" 

Marcus Lemonis
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Whether it's difficulty with product vendors, issues with budgeting or interpersonal office problems, business owners face numerous obstacles. And Lemonis has seen it all as the investor and strategist on CNBC's "The Profit," which aims to save struggling businesses from failure.  

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it's important to seriously consider the risks. 

"It takes somebody with thick skin and a tough stomach," he said. 

"Before you buckle in that seat and decide that you want to get in this car ride, you better understand there's going to be a lot of turns, left and right," he said.  

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