Natural Care Chiropractic Advocating Benefits of Nutrition and Supplements for Ongoing Health and Wellness

LINDENHURST, Ill., Sept. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The professionals at Natural Care Chiropractic are reminding Lindenhurst residents about the value and importance of diet, nutrition and key supplements to ongoing health and wellness.

Good nutrition involves an ideal balance of optimal foods, nutrients and supplements. Avoiding processed foods and excess sugars is also foundational to nutrition and good health. Key lifestyle changes can augment and support healthy eating choices, and it all comes together to create a healthy lifestyle going forward.

In a fast-paced world with lots of work and family responsibilities, it can be all too easy to reach for the fast, processed, less nutritious choice. Throwing a frozen meal in the microwave can seem like the best thing to do, and it fills a need in the short term. However, over time, poor diet and nutritional choices can have a negative cumulative effect on the body and overall health.

Meeting with a nutritionist can set the stage for making key lifestyle changes. The professionals at Natural Care Chiropractic believe in a comprehensive, holistic approach to health. While they can treat pain, illness and injury through chiropractic care and other complementary approaches, they also advocate proper diet, nutrition and supplements to sustain and strengthen the body at the cellular level.

Nutritionist Katie Moxley, RD of Natural Care Chiropractic does a careful assessment of each client to determine the best course of action for their health and wellness. She is a Registered Dietitian and graduated from the Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois. She also interned under the sports Dietitian for the Chicago Blackhawks. Her dual focus affords her a deep understanding of both the nutritional and structural components of health.

Katie Moxley, RD can provide insights about therapeutic nutrition, weight loss, food allergies and sports nutrition. Each patient is unique and will receive an individualized, customized plan for their health needs. Additional services include therapeutic nutrition assessments, detoxification programs, and nutritional supplement consultation.

Dr. Mark J. Freund says, “Diet and nutrition are foundational to health and wellbeing. We encourage all our clients to meet with Katie Moxley, RD to ensure they are achieving the highest quality of life they deserve.”

The combination of chiropractic care along with good diet and nutritional choices leads to the most effective and sustainable results. Acupuncture, manual therapy and physical therapy can also contribute.

Natural Care Chiropractic is located at 2118 East Grand Avenue in Lindenhurst, Illinois. Those in the area who would like to learn more about their nutritional counseling services or book an appointment may do so by calling (847) 265-0600. Additional information about this Lindenhurst chiropractic center is also available on their website at

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