Washington Vision Therapy Center Welcomes New Vision Therapist, Erin Betancourt

YAKIMA, Wash., Sept. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yakima and Kennewick vision specialist Washington Vision Therapy Center is pleased to announce the addition of a new staff member at its Yakima location. Erin Betancourt will serve as a Vision Therapist and provide a range of services that draw from her diverse experience and education.

Washington Vision Therapy Center specializes in therapeutic treatments for functional vision issues. They work with clients of all ages, from young toddlers and children, to teens, adults and senior citizens. The objective is to assist each client in regaining vision and meeting eyesight goals.

While glasses and contact lenses offer correction, in many cases, it is not a sufficient solution. Issues like lazy eye (amblyopia), double vision, wandering eye (strabismus, exotropia, esotropia and hypertropia), convergence insufficiency, problems focusing, eye strain, dizziness or vertigo related to vision, headaches while reading, and visual disturbances from traumatic brain injuries often cannot be fully addressed with corrective lenses alone.

In these and other cases, Vision Therapy can be indispensable. Vision Therapy addresses underlying causes to facilitate better vision and eye health over the course of treatment and after its conclusion.

New Vision Therapist, Erin Betancourt, was born and raised in Yakima, Washington. She received her BA in Intercultural Religious Studies from Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada with a minor in Political Science and a focus on assisting inner city missions.

Over the past 16 years, Erin has worked with children in mental/behavioral health services, as a preschool teacher, and through volunteering on mission trips with student ministries. These experiences allow her to effectively assist both children and adults with Vision Therapy protocols.

She recently underwent a rigorous, three-month training program including academic work, hands-on experience, and comprehensive testing for her role as Vision Therapist. She greatly enjoys helping people to achieve their vision and eyesight goals, and derives much satisfaction from seeing their success. She looks forward to assisting many more Yakima area clients in improving their vision.

Outside of work, Erin and her husband Eferon are active in the Sun Valley Church in Yakima. They also enjoy spending time in the great outdoors as well as at home with their dog and two cats.

Dr. Benjamin Winters says, “Vision Therapy can help in a range of areas and offer a solution where corrective measures fall short. We are pleased that Erin Betancourt has joined our team!”

The Washington Vision Therapy Center Yakima clinic is located at 303 South 72nd Avenue. The practice also has a location in Kennewick at 7203 West Deschutes Avenue in Suite B. Washington residents who would like to learn more about their Vision Therapy services may do so by calling (509) 654-9256. Additional information about the practice can also be found on their website at http://wavtc.com/.

The Washington Vision Therapy Center, (509) 654-9256

Source:Washington Vision Therapy Center