Clinton: Trump’s tax plan would explode the deficit

Clinton: Enjoyed last night's debate

A visibly pleased Hillary Clinton touted her debate performance Tuesday morning, again slamming Donald Trump's tax plan and temperament.

She said Trump's across-the-board tax cuts would "explode" the U.S. deficit with revenue reductions. During Monday night's debate, the Democratic presidential nominee called her rival's plan "trumped-up trickle-down economics," claiming his income and estate tax cut proposals would help wealthy people like himself most.

Clinton took questions from reporters on the morning after the debate in which Trump appeared at points rattled and unprepared. Expanding on her points from the previous night, Clinton cast herself as a levelheaded policymaker better prepared to lead than Trump.

"I think people saw last night that there were some very clear differences between us," she said.

Ahead of Monday's debate, some national and swing-state polls showed a close race or a Trump lead. Races in key states like Colorado, Ohio and Florida appeared tight. As his momentum mounted, Trump still faced questions about his temperament and qualifications for the office, which Clinton contended he failed to prove at the Hofstra University debate.

Trump also complained Monday night about what he called a "defective" microphone. Clinton fired back at that claim Tuesday morning, saying "anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night."

Clinton said she "felt positive" about her performance and looked forward to the next debate on Oct. 9.