Less Percent Real Estate Launches in the Big O-Town

MARLTON, N.J., Sept. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After its successful launch in South Florida and regions of California, Less Percent Real Estate, LLC is introducing its innovative real estate technology platform, www.LessPercent.com, to Orlando and the very active Central Florida real estate market. Less Percent saves home sellers thousands of dollars in commissions by providing homeowners the ability to remain anonymous while they compare multiple offers from top local real estate agents that competitively bid to sell their home. All at no cost to the home seller.

Less Percent was built with the belief that when a homeowner makes the decision to sell their home, they should be able to get the best services from a professional local real estate agent, at a competitive commission.

To date, over 500 local professional real estate agents from Florida have joined the Less Percent network. There has been over $21 million in cumulative home prices listed through the Less Percent platform in just the South Florida real estate market with competitive commission bids as low as 3.75%.

“Less Percent is a perfect match for home sellers who want to maximize the amount of dollars in their pocket at closing. Less Percent is especially a must have tool for the ‘For Sale By Owner’ home seller who is frustrated with the length of time, extraordinary amount of work and hidden costs involved with trying to market and sell their home on their own,” said Michael Huegel, the CEO of Less Percent. “This is a stress free, no hassle way for a homeowner to list and sell their home with the help of a local professional real estate agent and save thousands in commissions.”

There are on average 5 million homes sold each year. Over 90% of those home sellers pay a commission to a professional real estate agent. Less Percent removes the hassle and awkwardness of having to negotiate with agents for a lower commission rate, while the home seller remains anonymous until they select an agent that best fits their needs.

With just a few clicks on the Less Percent website, homeowners wanting to sell their home can quickly and easily offer their property listing to top local licensed real estate agents, at no cost to the homeowner. Experienced local agents, who meet Less Percent’s standards, bid for those listings by adjusting their commissions and services through a closed bid format, which includes details of the services they will provide to the homeowner. This information appears on the homeowner’s account dashboard, providing them easy access to review and compare bids for total savings, services and real estate agent background information.

For additional information about the Less Percent technology you can visit the Less Percent’s homeowner FAQ section at https://www.LessPercent.com/faq/ and real estate agent FAQ section at https://www.LessPercent.com/agent-faq/.

Less Percent Real Estate, LLC, is the developer of an Internet based bidding platform www.LessPercent.com, that targets homeowners and business-to-consumer service providers in the residential real estate industry. Less Percent enables homeowners wanting to sell their home to save thousands of dollars in commissions by providing homeowners the ability to compare multiple offers from top local real estate agents that want to win their listing. At no charge to the homeowner, Less Percent removes the hassle and awkwardness of having to negotiate with agents, while the homeowner remains completely anonymous until they select the agent that best fits their needs.

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Contact: Less Percent Real Estate, LLC. Michael Huegel, CEO 856-823-4422 ext 501 michael@lesspercent.com

Source: LessPercent Real Estate, LLC.