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CEO trades barbs with Trump's campaign manager over jobs, taxes

Trump campaign manager and CEO throw down on job creation

If Donald Trump's proposed policies would supercharge growth and create jobs as his campaign has promised, why are the CEOs of America's biggest companies not vocally supporting him?

In a heated debate on Tuesday, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and James Murren, CEO of Fortune 500 company MGM Resorts, traded barbs over this topic on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

"Has [Hillary Clinton] ever created a job?" Conway asked Murren about Clinton. "Has she ever met taxes and regulation that she didn't love?"

Murren stressed that Clinton has created financial stability, which in turns creates jobs.

Conway rebutted: "She hasn't created any financial stability because as you said, sir, she's never been president so she's created no financial stability. She's never created a job, and you know it."

When asked how many workers Trump employs, Conway skirted around the question, saying he has "tens of thousands of employees."

"That's kind of a vague number, isn't it?" Murren countered.

Laughing, Conway responded, "America doesn't care. Here's what they care (about) — how many jobs Hillary has created? Zero. Don't count the State Department."