Former Google career coach: 4 reasons why you shouldn't try to please everyone

Former Google career coach Jenny Blake shares her best advice in "Pivot."
Source: Mark Hanauer

As a former career coach at Google and co-founder of the company's career mentorship program, Jenny Blake knows what makes for a successful career.

Blake individually mentored over a thousand people at Google and now runs her own business and career strategy firm. She's learned that constant people-pleasing can be detrimental to your career.

"People-pleasing and doing what friends or family or society would deem successful often keeps people stuck in place," she told CNBC.

In her new book "Pivot," Blake explains why you shouldn't always follow the instinct to make others happy.

1. It's tiring

"People-pleasing is exhausting," Blake writes. "It is inauthentic. It means placing everyone else's needs above your own."

2. It's not realistic

"You cannot make everyone happy all the time, and it is futile to try," she says. "You are no good to anyone if you run yourself ragged trying to please everyone."

3. It detracts from your own goals

"You have a choice: You can spend your time ceaselessly worrying about other people or you can bravely follow your own path," Blake writes.

4. It could hurt your career

"The universe rewards backbone," she writes. "Not speaking up or acting authentically may lead to a bigger explosion down the road, when you least want or expect it."

Of course, Blake notes that it is important not to burn bridges in your career.

Instead, she recommends people always be friendly and a team player, but reiterates that obsessing over other's thoughts and emotions is not helpful.

"You can either go emotionally broke running around trying to please everyone, or you can spend your time creating, being authentic to your own needs and desires, and then serving others from that full place," she says.

Former Google career coach Jenny Blake shares her best advice in "Pivot."
Source: Mark Hanauer
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