FSC: LA Times urges California Voters to Reject ‘Extreme’ and “Counterproductive” Proposition 60

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a direct and scathing editorial, the Los Angeles Times has strongly opposed Proposition 60, a controversial November ballot initiative that would give any resident of California the power to sue adult performers if a condom is not visible.

The paper joins the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, the Mercury News and the editorial boards of numerous other state papers in recommending opposition to Prop 60.

“We support rules that make performers in adult films as safe as possible. That’s why we reject Proposition 60 and urge voters to do so as well,” the LA Times Editorial Board writes.

“The proposition would, in effect, make every Californian a potential condom cop by both mandating condom use and creating a private right of action so that any resident who spots a violation in a pornographic film shot in the state could sue and collect cash…”

“If Proposition 60 passes, it seems reasonable to expect the industry to go further underground or leave the state and become further fragmented. Perversely, this would threaten the integrity of the voluntary — and effective — twice-a-month testing protocol which is credited with keeping HIV transmissions in check.”

“Since Proposition 60 was introduced, performers and public health advocates have been saying that this is a dangerous measure that threatens worker safety,” said Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition. “We are glad that the LA Times agrees.”

Proposition 60 has already been opposed by California Democratic Party, the California Republican Party, the California Libertarian Party, the San Francisco Democratic Party, the Los Angeles Democratic Party, the San Diego Democratic Party, the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, Sen. Mark Leno, Equality California, San Francisco Medical Society, AIDS Project LA, SF AIDS Foundation, the LA LGBT Center, the Transgender Law Center, and the performer advocacy group APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee), and many, many others.

To learn more, visit www.StopProp60.com.

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Source:Free Speech Coalition