MaxPoint’s First In-Store Pathing Sensor, PathPoint, Gives Marketers Comprehensive Understanding of Consumers’ In-Store Journeys

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MaxPoint (Nasdaq:MXPT) today announces PathPoint, its first solution for in-store consumer pathing and insights. PathPoint wireless activity-sensing devices gather privacy-friendly data on shoppers’ in-store activity and feed near-real-time analytics back to retailers, giving them insight into every stage of the in-store path to purchase.

“Ecommerce retailers track consumer actions and use that data to improve the online shopper experience and accelerate sales,” said Joe Epperson, CEO of MaxPoint. “PathPoint enables the customer experience teams at retailers to be competitive with their ecommerce counterparts by providing that same level of customer pathing intelligence but in the store.”

PathPoint devices sense shoppers’ in-store activity as it happens, including their locations, dwell times and areas of high visitation. Sensor data helps retailers see, understand and address friction points – such as long checkout lines, areas with excessive customer wait times and spaces that have high dwell times but low conversion. In addition, PathPoint enables retailers to measure the effectiveness of in-store marketing as well as traffic drivers to the store.

The lightweight, low-profile, energy-efficient sensors are compatible with any retail space and operate without a clear line of sight. The devices transmit data via MaxPoint’s independent cellular network, not the store’s network, which provides greater security for the retailer. Full-service installation is provided by the MaxPoint team.

Once deployed, PathPoint feeds near-real-time analytics to retailers about how promotional activity outside the store affects visitor volume and returns data on the store experience, including how customers navigate the store environment and where they spend their time. The sensors also provide data on how in-store marketing resonates with customers.

“To date, in-store devices like beacons have focused on delivering messages to shoppers, not measuring store activity or producing real shopper intelligence that can deliver a more responsive in-store experience,” said Michelle Engle, VP of Product Marketing and Management at MaxPoint. “PathPoint uses superior in-store location sensing to deliver the data needed to drive topline growth, increase supplier support and improve the bottom line.”

PathPoint devices sense and measure all store activity independent of mobile app downloads, proximity and line of sight, which are substantial advancements beyond current retail beacons and camera technologies used to detect and count customer presence in-store. The devices are secure and privacy friendly as they neither collect nor store personally identifiable information.

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