Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'SnoCone Kiosk and Skull Cap'

Deanne meets Shane and Maria, a couple from Beaumont, Texas, who have the idea of a SnoCone Kiosk. It would be a vending machine that makes snow cones.

George heads to Encinitas, California and meets four skater friends who have come up with the Skull Cap, a hat liner that helps defend against head injuries. They feel it is a way to provide protection while also "keeping it real."

The Skull Cap inventors explain that the Skull Cap will offer a way for skateboarders to still look good and be protected. George is concerned about the liability, since it's not a substitute for a helmet. He believes there needs to be a lot more testing done to ensure its safety.

Deanne brings Shane and Maria to AVT, a company that specializes in auto vending solutions. Shannon, the president, gives them a breakdown of the costs. Shane and Maria learn that there are many costs they didn't take into consideration.

George and the inventors of the Skull Cap head to The Skate House to do some market research. They ask skateboarders about their thoughts on the Skull Cap. Overall, it is a positive reception, however a few of the skaters say they wouldn't wear it.

Deanne brings Shane and Maria to BlueFish Concepts where the engineers have taken their idea of a SnoCone Kiosk and made it into a working prototype. Shane and Maria are excited when they see it.

They take the working prototype to Universal Studio's Citywalk to test out the machine to see what people think about it. Overall, the feedback is very positive.

George and the Skull Cap inventers take the material of the Skull Cap to a lab for testing. They find that the Skull Cap reduces the impact significantly. George explains that more testing is still needed.

Shane and Maria pitch the SnoCone Kiosk to potential investors Doug Pennington, and Morell Marean. The investors are concerned about the additional costs such as attorney costs and traveling costs. They are also concerned about Shane and Maria's lack of experience.

Despite having concerns, ultimately, Doug is impressed by Shane and Maria's passion. He offers them a deal of $250,000 for 51 percent equity. Shane and Maria accept.

The inventors of Skull Cap pitch to potential investors, Tony Finn, and Shaun Neff. Despite being impressed, the potential investors have concern about the liability, the manufacturing costs and the high retail price.

They ultimately make a deal with the investors. They do a 50 percent split on retail sales with Shaun Neff and make a deal with Tony Finn of $10,000 for 10 percent.

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