'Luke Cage' overload? Netflix viewers report outage amid binge of new show

Jim Spellman | Getty Images

Does Power Man have the ability to fix a broken streaming platform?

Netflix appeared to have brief service problems on Saturday, interrupting countless binge-watchers at a time when many were indulging in the release of a hotly anticipated new series, "Luke Cage." In Marvel Comics, Cage is an impervious, super strong hero that eventually escapes a checkered past to become a member of "The Avengers" and "Heroes for Hire."

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Netflix acknowledged the outage on its Twitter feed, and eventually restored service to anxious television junkies.

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The series, which features the eponymous character imbued with super strength taking on bad guys in Harlem, is a key part of Marvel's streaming offerings.

CNBC tried to use the service, and did not encounter any technical issues. However, the apparent isolated outages sent marathon "Luke Cage" watchers into paroxysms of withdrawal:

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