Bowling Green Veterinarian Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center Offering Advanced Laser Therapy for Pets and Horses

BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Oct. 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center would like to make Bowling Green and surrounding area residents aware of their laser therapy services offered for dogs, cats and horses. This therapy brings a highly advanced method of treatment and a deep level of healing for a range of medical conditions.

Laser therapy in the veterinary realm uses the healing power of light to facilitate the regeneration of tissue at a deep and cellular level. It is a non-invasive procedure that stimulates nerve tissue regeneration as well as the circulation and removal of damaged tissues. This type of therapy can assist in both chronic and acute conditions.

Laser therapy for pets is effective in accelerating healing and pain relief in conditions like arthritis, sprains, strains, spinal disc disruptions and muscular-skeletal system issues. Connective or soft tissue injuries heal faster with laser therapy due to its ability to help move out toxins and facilitate faster tissue regrowth.

Laser therapy can also bring profound relief to other joint and bone issues such as hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, ruptured ligaments and degenerative diseases. This therapy is also effective in speeding the healing of wounds and incisions, such as after a surgical procedure. Laser therapy reduces inflammation and pain for just about any type of flesh wound.

Laser beams travel at a specific frequency that creates heat and penetrates tissue in a targeted manner to facilitate healing. This results in increased blood and lymph flow and the production of new, healthy cells in the treated area. The laser frequency can be adjusted by the veterinarian to target a range of medical conditions.

This innovative therapy works on its own, but it can also be very potent when used in combination with other therapies relevant to the condition being treated. Some of the more specialized uses of laser therapy for pets include skin disorders, anal gland inflammation, ear problems, hot spots, tumor or growth removal, and periodontal disease.

Laser therapy is non-invasive, pain-free and drug-free. Each treatment takes just minutes to perform. No sedation is required, and most pets find laser therapy sessions to be soothing and relaxing. The main benefits include reduced pain and inflammation, improved healing time and a better patient outcome.

Dr. Stan Snodgrass, DVM says, “At Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center, we strive to bring the most innovative treatments to area pets so that both animals and their owners benefit. We are pleased to make pet laser therapy available to Bowling Green.”

Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center is located at 6000 Scottsville Road in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Pet owners in the Bowling Green area who are interested in veterinary and equine laser therapy may book an appointment by calling (270) 781-5041. Additional information about the other services offered by the clinic can be accessed at their website at

Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center, (270) 781-5041

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