LaMar’s Donuts Out to Show Statisticians and Pundits What Real Presidential Polling Tastes Like

DENVER, Oct. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nate Sliver has been crunching numbers for months. Pundits and pollsters are using crumbs of evidence to defend projections. But Colorado-based LaMar’s Donuts believes its donut poll is one of the best indicators of how the country will vote in this upcoming presidential election.

Starting Thursday, October 6, LaMar’s patrons will be able to stuff their ballot boxes – and show their political leanings – with limited-edition gourmet donuts on sale: the “Fillery Clinton” is a donkey-shaped donut with blue sugar topping and the elephant-shaped “Donut J. Trump” donut dons red sugar.

In the 2008 LaMar’s Donuts Presidential Poll, the “Dough-Bama” beat out the “McCandy Cain” with 52 percent of sales. As it turned out, then-Senator Obama won the real presidential election with a nearly identical share of the popular vote: 53.7 percent.

In 2012, the poll was only 1.3 percent off the actual results – though the projection was in favor of the “Mitt Yum-ney” – proving better than most pundits.

For pundits seeking the inside scoop, sales of the Fillery Clinton and Donut J. Trump will be tracked weekly and posted online at

Explaining the accuracy of the poll, LaMar’s Donuts marketing director Temi Osifodunrin notes the geographic variance and location of polling stations across four states.

“16 of LaMar’s locations are in the metropolitan area of the conservative-dominate states Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri, with an additional nine stores located in Colorado, a swing state,” said Osifodunrin. “Republicans can’t stomach the idea of blue donkeys, and democrats will not be choosing a red elephant. This provides a great snapshot of voter attitudes and, as LaMar’s country goes, so goes the nation.”

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About LaMars Donuts – After developing his original donut recipe as a teenager in 1933, Ray Lamar opened the first LaMar's Donuts in 1960 in Kansas City, Missouri. Today the franchised chain has 25 stores in five states. LaMar's has won numerous awards and favorable reviews by such publications as The New Yorker and Gourmet magazine, and was the first donut to be reviewed and acclaimed by Zagat, the world's most trusted guide to restaurants. LaMar's Donuts are proclaimed by many as "simply a better donut."

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