Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Packbow and Twisty Tint'

George meets Jon, an outdoor enthusiast and stay at home dad. Jon has come up with the Packbow, an all-in one bow and arrow that has a compass, signal mirror, paddle attachment, and compartments.

Jon's business plan needs additional work. It is missing critical information such as financial information. Also, Jon is unable to justify his asking price of $80,000.

Deanne meets Enayat, the inventor of the Twisty Tint, a sun shade for car windows. It blocks out harmful UV sunrays and allows the consumer to manually adjust how much sun comes into the car.

Deanne is impressed with his patent but believes the prototype needs additional work. One of her concerns is getting it to fit in a car window. Enayat is also missing concrete numbers in his business plan.

Bluefish Concepts updates the Packbow prototype. George and Jon take it out to a field test with hunters and campers. It receives several negative comments. Many complain that it looks poorly made. However, once they start shooting, their opinion starts to change.

Deanne takes the Twisty Tint to Bluefish Concepts. One of the updates they make is having it fit within a square frame so it better fits within a window. They also make it more sturdy.

At the Twisty Tint focus group, Deanee gathers moms and kids to test out the product. The moms are really impressed with how sturdy it is and the kids feel its super fun to play with. Overall, the field test is a success.

Jon pitches the PackBow to potential investor Ian Sobieski. Ian likes the price point and margin but is unsure of the audience for it. In addition, Jon is not prepared and is unable to provide any numbers to back up his ask. In the end, Ian doesn't feel like the product is ready to invest in.

Enayat pitches the Twisty Tint to potential investors Andrew Mitchell and Kevin Smith. The investors are impressed with the prototype but have concerns with Enayat's business experience. Overall, they don't offer a deal.

George thinks the Pack Bow deserves a second chance, so he sets Jon up with Kevin Smith. Kevin offers to manufacture the PackBow, an equivalent of about $500,000 in services, in exchange for 51 percent. Jon happily accepts.

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