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Clinton calls Trump's comments about veterans 'ignorant' and 'harmful'

Clinton vs. Trump: Wall St. & income inequality

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday took swipes at her presidential opponent Donald Trump for his recent comments about veterans and his business record, also tiptoeing around her husband's criticism of President Barack Obama's health care law.

At a press conference in swing state Pennsylvania, Clinton scolded Trump for suggesting military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder "can't handle" war.

"Donald Trump's comments are not just ignorant, they're harmful," she said, contending that his remarks could contribute to veterans hiding their mental distress rather than seeking help. Polling has suggested that military voters have so far favored Trump over Clinton.

Clinton's comments come as she has seen a favorable national and swing-state polling shift after the first presidential debate last week. Clinton and Trump's campaigns will turn their attention Tuesday night to the vice presidential debate, where their running mates Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will try to bring voters to their tickets.

Clinton contended Pence has a "huge burden" in defending his record and Trump's.

She again seized on a weekend New York Times report that showed Trump declared a $916 million loss in his 1995 tax return, saying that Trump should be judged by his business success since he has campaigned heavily on it.

Clinton also responded to her husband former President Bill Clinton on Monday calling the Affordable Care Act "the craziest thing ever." Hillary Clinton has said she would expand on the law's framework as president.

Clinton did not directly address her husband's criticism while praising the law for expanding health care access and making it so that coverage cannot be denied because of pre-existing conditions. But she added that she wants to fix the "broken" parts of the system like premium, deductible and prescription drug costs.