SAN DIEGO, Oct. 5, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Industry leaders goldenHour and emsCharts have recently announced significant technology upgrades for their products used to support the emergency medical services industry. Both companies will be on hand at this year's EMS World Expo October 4-7 in New Orleans, LA, where they will preview demonstrations of these new enhancements.

"We have invested a considerable amount of time and effort over the years listening to our customers and learning from their insight," said Pete Goutmann, President & CTO of emsCharts. "What we have learned has allowed us to make extraordinary advancements in our technology and how our tools can be better applied. We are incredibly proud to share these innovations with our customers at EMS World Expo, and we will continue evolving our products to suit their specifications."

As part of this investment, emsCharts has been fully integrated into the goldenHour Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Process. This integration goes far beyond a simple billing export, and impacts the integrated goldenHour Billing & Collection workflows that maximize revenue and improve compliance.

The following are just a few of the company's recent updates:

  • Enhanced User Interface (UI) – Improved functionality on web and mobile platforms for the Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR).
  • Native Tablet Application – Puts the power of emsCharts on customers' iPad or Android tablet, allowing them to perform pre-hospital charting responsibilities on devices they are most comfortable with.
  • emsCharts Fire Module – State-of-the-art module dedicated to NFIRS reporting requirements for both EMS and Fire programs, which integrates directly with emsCharts ePCR and utilizes a single log-in for both platforms. The result is a dramatic decrease in the time fire departments have to spend on reporting while increasing the accuracy of the data submitted to fire reporting agencies.
  • Improved Analytics Platform – Updated business intelligence tools to reduce time spent during patient transfer and simplify continuity of care. These improvements also allow for customers to dynamically review and analyze agency information in a robust, animated fashion that helps support decision-making and knowledge discovery.
  • emsCharts Status Board - To allow bidirectional communication between EMS providers and regional Emergency Departments so that clinicians can prepare for each patient, assign rooms, and triage those that are critical based on medical history, vitals, and method of injury.

HL7 Hospital Interface - Allows real-time secure data transfer between EMS providers and hospitals or command agencies. The automated exchange eliminates the need to deliver physical face sheets and ensures synchronization between the ePCR and hospital EMR.

"We continue to be impressed by the value we receive from the technology offerings from both emsCharts and goldenHour," said Jason Schwebach, Vice President of Mobile Medicine at Carolinas Healthcare System. "The seamless integration they provide with our billing system allows us to drastically improve our collections. And the data and knowledge from their systems allow MedCenter Air to integrate into our workflows and processes to support quicker and smarter decision-making. The confidence we gain from knowing we are in compliance at all times is another huge benefit and gives our team peace of mind so that we can focus on running our business the right way."

Both goldenHour and emsCharts will showcase these updates and provide product demonstrations at EMS World Expo in New Orleans, LA, from October 4-7.

About goldenHour
goldenHour is the recognized leader in billing and reimbursement within the air medical transportation industry. With its integrated technologies, goldenHour has compliantly collected billions of dollars on behalf of both air and ground medical transport programs. Currently supporting over 80% of the air medical market with its technology and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, goldenHour offers the industry's only patented, integrated solution. For more information about goldenHour, visit:

About emsCharts
emsCharts is the leader in providing Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) software solutions to support public safety professionals both in the air and on the ground. A wholly-owned subsidiary of goldenHour, emsCharts provides a fully integrated ePCR and Fire reporting system with an intuitive interface and HIPAA compliant infrastructure focused on a continuous commitment to program sustainability and growth. For more information about emsCharts, visit:

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