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Technology boot camps are becoming the trade schools of the new era

Tech boot camps: The 'new' trade schools

As technology evolves and employees search for workers with the appropriate set of skills, schools focused primarily on technology have emerged as the new trade schools.

A trade school, defined as a vocational or technical school to teach a specific skill set, has traditionally taught crafts like electrical repair or carpentry work to people seeking out those careers. Now, with a heightened focus on technology, many Americans are turning to tech as a trade to learn specific skills that range from coding to virtual reality.

It's the idea of getting a "micro-credential," or training that leads to employment in a specialized field. The trend is moving to fill a void left by students who graduate from college without technology-specific degrees: According the National Science Foundation, a mere 32.6 percent of all four-year degrees awarded are science and engineering-related.

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