Foursquare data shows where comic fans go the most

An attendee at Comic Con in San Diego, California.
Harriet Taylor | CNBC

This weekend, the annual New York Comic Con will host thousands of people from all over the country—if not the world. In the event they need help getting around, Foursquare has gathered some notable data where attendees like to go and what they like to eat.

Ahead of this year's comic gathering, Foursquare broke down its "Dungeons and Data" statistics which looks at movie goers that frequent Marvel Comics versus DC Comics, and New York Comic Con versus San Diego Comic Con attendees. The information also included which chains visitors frequent the most, what foods they like, and how that compares to average visitors. visit most, what tastes they have, what types of venues they visit more than the average user?

Comic Conventions are a bigger deal than what they seem, and their regional economic impact can be big. The first such convention started in San Diego more than 40 years ago: Today, the convention tops over 130,000 in attendance.

This year's confab in the Big Apple will feature both entertainment and literary guests like Carrie Fisher of Star Wars and Keegan Michael of Key & Peele and R.L. Stine.

According to Foursquare's stats, the attendees for both San Diego and New York conventions are in the 25-34 year-old range, partly reflecting the aging demographic of traditional comic fans.

Gender is split is fairly evenly, but Foursquare notes a typical attendee in New York might have some different entertainment preferences while visiting. They are twelve times as likely to go to Barcade (an arcade and bar combo) or attend a Brooklyn Nets game, and seven times as likely to visit Gregory's Coffee.

San Diego fans, however, were more likely to visit CorePower Yoga and climbing gyms, as well as Hawaiian restaurants and bubble tea shops. The data suggests West Coast attendees are more health conscious, while others likes alcohol and coffee.

Comic conventions have a large range of fans, from cartoons like Adventure Time to hit series like HBO's Game of Thrones.

Foursquare also took a look at the breakdown between Marvel and DC movie goers. Marvel is known for comics like Spiderman, Ironman and the Hulk while DC comics is the force behind Superman, Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Of the DC and Marvel movie fans, while the male to female ratio is about even Marvel fans were 91 percent more likely to go to a T-Mobile and DC fans were 101 percent more likely to go to a Jamba juice—as well as a Barnes & Noble location.

The one thing they both have in common? DC and Marvel fans are twice as likely as the average American to visit Gamestop and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Foursquare found. Meanwhile, DC movie goers ages skew younger, to a 15-24 year old range.

Foursquare's data ranges from 2015-2016 where they looked at people that viewed comic book themed movies or comic book events after they checked in to see where they over-index.

The New York Comic Con will be open for attendees through Sunday, while the next San Diego Comic Con will kick off July 20,2017.

—By CNBC's Deborah Findling.